Alcentra Capital Corporation

Investment Criteria

Preferred Investment Characteristics

We primarily provide senior secured debt capital to middle market companies in a wide range of industries and look for opportunities that possess the following characteristics:

  • Sponsor-backed deals and middle market corporate situations
  • Companies with EBITDA between $15 million – $75 million
  • Focus on senior secured investments, including first lien, unitranche, and second lien term loans
  • Ability to invest in subordinated debt and potentially equity-related securities
  • Strong free cash flow and demonstrated ability to de-lever
  • High relative market share and barriers to entry

Investment Size

  • Typically commit to 5% – 10% of tranche sizes ranging from $100 million – $500 million
  • Given access to multiple pools of capital within the Alcentra platform, ability to invest in larger transactions and secure a majority share of the tranche


We focus on investment opportunities headquartered in North America and, to a lesser extent, European businesses that are introduced to us by Alcentra Limited.

Industry Focus

We are an industry agnostic investor that focuses on sectors with supportive macro trends. We have particular experience in the following sectors: Business Services; Consumer; Government Services; Healthcare; Telecom, Media & Technology; Transportation, Distribution & Logistics, and other industry segments with a unique competitive advantage and defensible barriers to entry.


Investment Criteria