Alcentra Capital Corporation


Ellida McMillan

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Ellida McMillan

Ellida joined Alcentra Group in 2013 and is the Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Alcentra Capital Corporation. Prior to joining Alcentra Group, Ellida consulted with Tatum Partners, the largest executive services firm in the US offering CFO services. Previously, she was a corporate controller at KBC Financial Holdings, a subsidiary of KBC Financial Products UK Ltd, which engaged in the sales, structuring, and risk management of equity-linked and equity derivatives instruments. Prior to KBC, Ellida was an associate director of Fixed Income Derivatives at Bear Stearns. Ellida began her career at Arthur Andersen in the financial service sector.

Ellida holds a B.S. from Fairfield University and is a licensed CPA.