Alcentra Capital Corporation

Advisor Team

Branko Krmpotic

Executive Vice President

Branko Krmpotic

Branko is responsible for originating and structuring transactions, overseeing new deal due diligence, legal documentation and portfolio management including numerous Board of Directors’ positions in our portfolio companies including providing Managerial Assistance pursuant to the 1940 Act requirements.

Prior to Alcentra, Branko was a senior analyst at Raven Asset Management, a credit hedge fund focused on a wide variety of credit investments. Prior to Raven, he structured private transactions at GSO Capital Partners (now owned by Blackstone) and before that at Technology Investment Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:TICC). Branko was a founding member at the Bank of New York in the formation of the Mezzanine Group, the predecessor of Alcentra’s U.S. Direct Lending group.

Branko received his M.B.A. from Baruch College – CUNY, where he received the Vincent De Lorenzo award for scholastic excellence. He received undergraduate degree from New York University and the equivalent at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.