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Security Alarm Financing Enterprises, L.P.

Security Alarm Financing Enterprises, L.P. (“SAFE”) is headquartered in San Ramon, CA, and is a full service nationwide security alarm company that services and monitors security alarm contracts. The Company operates a hybrid model, combining bulk portfolio acquisitions, a dealer network and organic growth avenues with the capabilities of a full service security alarm company. SAFE is the 17th largest provider of security alarm systems in the US, operating in all 50 states and in parts of Canada and Puerto Rico. The Company has grown substantially since being acquired by ICV Partners, which purchased SAFE in December 2012 for $60 million, or 40x RMR of $1.5 million. Since then, the Company made three sizeable acquisitions: $1.5 million of RMR from Pinnacle Security in March 2013, $0.6 million from CastleRock Security in October 2013 and $1.6 million from Safeguard Security in August 2014.

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